We Can’t Be This Screwed

We can’t be this screwed,

We can’t be screwed as a generation to the point where in most social media we only talk about how much ain’t shit the opposite gender is.

We can’t be this screwed.

We can’t be this screwed to the point that we fear the possibility of intimate relationships based on the assumption that one will intentionally do us quote un quote “dirty”

We can’t be this screwed

That bitches, hoes, niggas and muthafuckas are the current terms of endearment which have been replaced the previous terms of brotha, sista, King and Queen. Even those lesser noble tittles of homeboy and home girl

We can’t be this screwed

We can’t be screwed to the point where there are more people striving to be rappers and models than a doctor, lawyers, architects or professors. We will be a generation full of parties, crappy music, and oversaturated print and magazine ads, without proper health care, art, or quality education.

We can’t be this screwed

That my ability to articulate myself

That by the most of us have out ten year high school reunions, many of our children will be graduating from elementary school.

We can’t be this screwed

Where we have taken the ideology of our oppressors and adopted them as our own. Screwed to the point were when we are asked about a fellow black man or woman we say (insert the word bitches or niggas here) Aint Shit.

We cant be this screwed

That coming out prison is more respected in the family and the community than coming out of college. And that even when we are sure that our homie, compadre, cuzzo, favorite rapper, etc. has committed the crime,( insert random gun possession, murder, or drug charge here) We still have audacity to wear T-shirts and scream Free my Nigga (You fill in the blank).

We can’t be this screwed

That facebook and twitter has replaced genuine human interaction and that people will tweet you before they, text you, text you before they call you, and talking to you for a couple of months  now equivalent to “dating you”

We can’t be this screwed

That making it rain, buying bottles, bussin’ it up and twerking are now the current appropriate methods of courtship. And that if I take the time to ask your name and general interest I’m a lame. However, If I scheme to fuck you and your home girl and succeed and never return your call, I am now the guy that you tell your friends about. “Girl I know he ain’t right, but I just looove him.”

We can’t be this screwed


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