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Law & Lust PT III

In Adult on May 8, 2012 at 9:59 pm


…The figure standing there is Jasmine; she is standing at the base of the stairs with a royal blue, silk nightgown on the accents her curves and a robe over her. He stops dead in his tracks

“Baby what are you doing up?”

She ignores his question, “So she was the reason that you waltzed your ass in the house at 1:30 this morning huh?” She says in a mellow tone, without a hint of anger.

“Huh, baby what are you talking about?” He replies dumbfounded.

“She’s the reason why you came in so late.” She repeated in a tone slightly more forceful and fuller than the one before. “I knew I smelled something funny on you but I could but my finger on it until I hugged Sonya and then it hit me. You know I should cut your dick off for pulling some shit like that on me, or have my brothers come fuck you up. But you know I’m not even going to go there, because even though we’re not married I’ve invested too much time into you, your career and this relationship to let some little ho that done got your dick hard to take it away from me.” He looks at her in shock and awe, speechless. Then he finally speaks

“Baby I’m sorry” he says in a crumbled voice “you know I love you right?”

“See I knew your tired ass was gonna say something like that, Love should have brought you ass home last night.” He begins to walk toward her

“I’ve been a good woman to you, I’ve put up with all your bullish and this is how you treat me!?” She says as her voice begins to crack. He walks nearer and he tries to hold her, she pushes his arms away “no let me go, that shit ain’t gone work this time.” Her voice continuing to crack as she begins to cry.

“Baby I love you and you know I would never do anything to hurt you, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Do really do love you, I had a moment of weakness bae.” He begins to embrace her in his arms, she continues to fight without a cause, and he kisses her. “Let me make it up to you.” his voice begins to crack and he kisses her forehead, her lips and her neck. “That’s not going to work this time Lee” as she squirms under his kisses

“Baby whatever you want me to do, I’ll do” he says as he gets on his knees, taking her hands in his. She motions his head to her stomach, he rests his head. He grabs her nightgown as he moves his hands around her hips, thighs and her mid-section.

“Come on to bed.” She pats his head and turns up the stairs, as she walks up the stairs her curves move in the motion of a runway model. Her curvaceous peanut butter complexion makes its way up the stairs, she turns around and motions form him to come up.

When they both make it to the bedroom he begins to kiss her sensually, taking his suit jacket off, laying her across the bed and removing her robe. He stands up and continues to take off his clothes slowly, in a strip tease fashion, as he gets down to his briefs he begins to strut around comically, she giggles and signals for him to come to her.   They begin to kiss, he slowly moves his hands up and down her body caressing every curve, a sensual touch as a blind man would touch something for the first time.  He moves from her neck and begins to kiss up and down her body, smooth with every motion, every touch, he kisses her breast, massaging them. He moves his hands down her side as he kisses her stomach, slowly he push the night gown up as he moves down. He kisses around her belly button, with a kiss here and a lick there. As he moves down in between her legs she begins to squirm with every kiss and touch. He removes her underwear and he takes his left hand and begins to play around with her insides, he then kisses and licks in between her thigh, she twitches. With a calming, smooth motion his tongue explores her insides, she moans with pleasure, her hands pushes his broad shoulders looking for leverage as if to get away, but she doesn’t.  His tongue twists, turns, spins and creates a whirlpool with her juices.  She moans louder and harder the longer he goes. Her toes begin to curl, she stretches her arms out and grabs the far sides of the bed, her body begins to rumble as his an eruption was about to occur within her body, her moans grow longer, and an with extreme surge of energy she explodes. The sweat from her body has soaked the bed, he moves close to her and cradles her in him arms, she lays her head on his chest and she is soothed to sleep by the rhythm of his heartbeat.

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