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Sweat with Swagg Ep 1 part 3

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This video includes Dancehall, The Turbo Hustle, Cupid Shuffle & The Juke Slide.


Cooning for Dem Tracks: Lupe Fiasco’s Bitch Bad

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Cooning for Dem Tracks: Lupe Fiasco's Bitch Bad.

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Where’s the public outcry over Chicago boy’s raunchy rap video? – Chicago Sun-Times

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Where’s the public outcry over Chicago boy’s raunchy rap video? – Chicago Sun-Times.

Letter in to Generation Y

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Generation Y, we have been bastardized by Gen X. Through no fault of their own, Crack, Reagan, the lost of their social and political leaders of the 60s and 70s. Yet WE must come to the realization that we must raise ourselves and begin anew. Our current way of life is Bullshit and no one wants to acknowledge it nor accept their role in our current lack of social, moral and cultural capital. We must educated and united ourselves. Our cousins, little brothers and sisters, classmates and neighbors. The sooner we responsibility for our generation and forgive, forget, and grow from the sins and mistakes of fathers and mothers. The sooner we can begin to heal as a community and people.

Law & Lust PT III

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…The figure standing there is Jasmine; she is standing at the base of the stairs with a royal blue, silk nightgown on the accents her curves and a robe over her. He stops dead in his tracks

“Baby what are you doing up?”

She ignores his question, “So she was the reason that you waltzed your ass in the house at 1:30 this morning huh?” She says in a mellow tone, without a hint of anger.

“Huh, baby what are you talking about?” He replies dumbfounded.

“She’s the reason why you came in so late.” She repeated in a tone slightly more forceful and fuller than the one before. “I knew I smelled something funny on you but I could but my finger on it until I hugged Sonya and then it hit me. You know I should cut your dick off for pulling some shit like that on me, or have my brothers come fuck you up. But you know I’m not even going to go there, because even though we’re not married I’ve invested too much time into you, your career and this relationship to let some little ho that done got your dick hard to take it away from me.” He looks at her in shock and awe, speechless. Then he finally speaks

“Baby I’m sorry” he says in a crumbled voice “you know I love you right?”

“See I knew your tired ass was gonna say something like that, Love should have brought you ass home last night.” He begins to walk toward her

“I’ve been a good woman to you, I’ve put up with all your bullish and this is how you treat me!?” She says as her voice begins to crack. He walks nearer and he tries to hold her, she pushes his arms away “no let me go, that shit ain’t gone work this time.” Her voice continuing to crack as she begins to cry.

“Baby I love you and you know I would never do anything to hurt you, I’m sorry, please forgive me. Do really do love you, I had a moment of weakness bae.” He begins to embrace her in his arms, she continues to fight without a cause, and he kisses her. “Let me make it up to you.” his voice begins to crack and he kisses her forehead, her lips and her neck. “That’s not going to work this time Lee” as she squirms under his kisses

“Baby whatever you want me to do, I’ll do” he says as he gets on his knees, taking her hands in his. She motions his head to her stomach, he rests his head. He grabs her nightgown as he moves his hands around her hips, thighs and her mid-section.

“Come on to bed.” She pats his head and turns up the stairs, as she walks up the stairs her curves move in the motion of a runway model. Her curvaceous peanut butter complexion makes its way up the stairs, she turns around and motions form him to come up.

When they both make it to the bedroom he begins to kiss her sensually, taking his suit jacket off, laying her across the bed and removing her robe. He stands up and continues to take off his clothes slowly, in a strip tease fashion, as he gets down to his briefs he begins to strut around comically, she giggles and signals for him to come to her.   They begin to kiss, he slowly moves his hands up and down her body caressing every curve, a sensual touch as a blind man would touch something for the first time.  He moves from her neck and begins to kiss up and down her body, smooth with every motion, every touch, he kisses her breast, massaging them. He moves his hands down her side as he kisses her stomach, slowly he push the night gown up as he moves down. He kisses around her belly button, with a kiss here and a lick there. As he moves down in between her legs she begins to squirm with every kiss and touch. He removes her underwear and he takes his left hand and begins to play around with her insides, he then kisses and licks in between her thigh, she twitches. With a calming, smooth motion his tongue explores her insides, she moans with pleasure, her hands pushes his broad shoulders looking for leverage as if to get away, but she doesn’t.  His tongue twists, turns, spins and creates a whirlpool with her juices.  She moans louder and harder the longer he goes. Her toes begin to curl, she stretches her arms out and grabs the far sides of the bed, her body begins to rumble as his an eruption was about to occur within her body, her moans grow longer, and an with extreme surge of energy she explodes. The sweat from her body has soaked the bed, he moves close to her and cradles her in him arms, she lays her head on his chest and she is soothed to sleep by the rhythm of his heartbeat.

Law & Lust Pt. 2

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…The lights turn on automatically…a new feature that came with the new security system in the house. He walks tiredly up stairs to the bedroom and decides not to turn on the light and he just eases into the bed. There is already a body in the bed,

“Long day at the office baby?” It inquires

“Yeah baby, this case is kicking my butt.”

“Baby what’s that smell?”

“Oh my bad I had Harold’s and it got my stomach acting funny.”

“You nasty.” It replies. They both fall asleep. The body in question is Jasmine, Lee’s girlfriend for the past 2yrs. They met in the courtroom as attorney for the opposite sides. It was the first big case for the both of them and it would be the first and last case that he would lose.

The morning comes and their both down stairs eating breakfast getting ready for work.

“So how was your day yesterday?” She asked “well we got a new guy in the office and I got a felling Mr. Swanson will put them on the case with me to have me show them the ropes and plus I need the help anyway.”

`           “Do you think it will be another late night tonight?”

“Yeah probably so, so don’t wait up.” He kisses her on the forehead and grabs his things and walks out the door.

He gets to work and before he gets settled in his office Eric walks in

“Mr. Swanson wants to see you.”

“Ok cool, I’ll be there in a min.” He replies. Lee walks into the office and sees Eric, Mr. Swanson and Sonya in the room.

“Lee, I see the need for you to get help on the people vs. CPD case so I’m assigning you some help, you know Ms. Jordan don’t you?” Mr. Swanson asks

“Yeah, I know her quite well.” They give each other an awkward look, and Eric notices it.

“Well I’ll give you two time to get to work” He motions for them to leave his office.

They step outside and walk to Lee’s office

“This is strictly business. What happened last night can’t happen again” he says as he closes the door.

“What you trying to tell me that you didn’t have a good time last night?” She says with a smirk on her face, as she fixes his tie. Eric opens the door and then knocks

“Lee, can I talk to you?”

“Yeah E, what’s good?” He says with a sigh of relief.

“Don’t take too long we’ve got a big case to work on now” She says as she exits switching her hips.

“Damn I’ll hit that in a minute” Eric says as she walks down the hall.

“Yeah, I bet you would.” He says with a grin on his face. Eric pauses, looks at her, then looks at him, thinks for a second and replies

“You hit that, didn’t you?”

“Naw dawg” as he looks away.

“Yeah you did, look who you talking to I’ve known you since damn near eighth grade come on you can’t tell ya boy. Then you can you tell?”

“But see you got a big mouth.”

“I knew it, I knew it, I saw how ya’ll was looking at each other in Mr. Swanson’s office. Was it good? Did you beat it up? Did she suck ya balls-

“Eric damn, see that’s why I don’t tell you nothing.”

“Com’ on you gotta give me details” He says it anticipation of a little kid who’s waiting to open an unexpected gift.

“We’ll it happened last night, we were just sitting here chillin’ talking about old times and she started feeling all up on a brother. Then she got to rubbing on my dick and sucking it-

“Did she suck ya balls!?” He interjects

“Shut up! And let me finish. So then she pushed me on the desk and got to ridin’ my shit and then I had to put the business on her, I mean I gave the whole lakefront a view.”

“You had her ass up in the window? Damn dawg, you is a freaky muthafucka. So what, that’s it?”

“What you mean?”

“Can I get at her, you know ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.”

“You stupid as hell” he says laughing

“But that’s done especially cause we’re on the case together now, I was gonna try to have one more go, but that done now.” After talking for a while, Eric decides to leave       “Ok, let me go do some work, I’m gon’ holla at you later,” as Eric walks out Sonya walks back into the room.

“Mr. Dawson, Ms. James is here to see you.” The intercom sounds.

“Send her in” he replies

“Is that your baby?”

“Don’t play with me woman.”  Jasmine walks into the room; she and Sonya see each other

“Heeeeyyyyy Girl” They both shout as they hug each other. Lee sits with a look of confusion on his face. Eric pokes his head back in the door, “Shhh, can y’all keep the ratchetness down? Y’all scaring the White people” He treats outs the door.

“You two know each other?”

“Yeah I and Sonya went to high school with each other; I didn’t know y’all work together.”

“This is the new person I was talking about” he says as he scratches his head.         “Girl what are you doing here?” Sonya asks

“I’ve come to pick my man up and steal him away for lunch.”

“This yo man?” She says pointing at him, “Damn girl, you got you a good one huh?”

“Yeah, I got him before a White woman did.” She says laughing

“Girl you ain’t lied about that.”

“Well you ready to go?” He interjects trying to cut their conversation short.

“Well girl let me go, let me get your number.”

“Lee has it.” “Ok, come on boo what are you in the mood for, Chinese, Italian, or Mediterranean?” She asks as they walk out.

That night Lee walks in the door the lights turn on again, this time there is a figure sitting on the sofa…

To Be Continued…



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Opening the door and peeking his head in, “Hey Lee, what cha doing?”  Eric says inquisitively.

“Work, Eric” He replies in a sarcastic tone.

“Well come here and check out the new guy,” he ignores him “come on man, you’re all work, work, work you can’t take a break to meet a new co-worker?”

“Aiight, Aight Aight,” he says surrendering “here I come.” He logs out of his computer and puts his papers away.

“I’m telling you E, this new person, she fine as hell; she is something like yo type.”

“Man you know I’m with Jas right now, how you gonna try ‘n’ play me like that.”

“You right Lee that is your Lady, my bad…she got your nose wide open though. you don’t come out and kick it with fellas or nothing. ”

As they continue down the hall there is a crowd of people surrounding her. As they maneuver their way through the crowd, Eric sees her and motions for her to come to them. Lee freezes.

“What’s wrong?”

“I know her.” He replies in a low voice, as she comes to them.

“Lee allow me to introduce you to ‘Sonya Jordan’.” Both Lee and Eric say unison.

“Long time no see Lee.”

“You two know each other” Eric says with a look of confusion.

holding his smile “I just told you that fool”

“Oh, so how do you two know each other?”

“Old college mates” they both say in unison.  They both stand there staring in each other’s eyes. Recognizing the situation Eric decides to leave.

“Well it looks like you guys got some catching up to do, I’ll holler at you later Lee.”

“Alright E.”

She smiles “So I can’t get no hug or nothing huh? You act like you not happy to see me or something.”

“Naw, it’s nothing like that it’s just a shock to see you after all these years.” He says with glossy eyes and a sheepish tone still focused on her in disbelief.

“Well I see you’ve done real well for yourself since college, shaking up the whole justice system.” Her giggle breaks the awkward silence.

“Yeah, something like that.” He blushes.

“So what time do you plan on leaving, maybe we can get dinner or something?” Her eyes are doll like.

“Naw, I don’t think so.”

“What, two old friends can’t go out and have dinner; I don’t see a ringer on your finger so I know you’re not worried about what your wife is gonna say.”

“Nope not married, it’s just that I have a lot of work that needs to get done and it’s gonna be real late before I head home, and I don’t want to have you waiting for me all night. That’s it.”

“Well how about I order takeout and we sit here and catch up, because I have some paper work to fill out too? Com’ on it’s been what? 10 ears since we’ve seen each other, make it my welcome to the job, since you never officially welcomed me.”

“Ok, it could hurt?” He says reluctantly.

“So what will it be, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean?”

“I’m in the mood for some Harold’s”

“Boy all this and you haven’t changed a bit.” she says laughing.



Later that night they sit eating, talking, and laughing about old times.

“So what happened to you after college?” He inquires.

“Well after college, my grandma got sick so I couldn’t go straight to law school like you and after she passed on I went back to school, passed the board and now I’m here. At the best firm in the city and with a good old friend.”

“Well I’m sorry to hear about your grandma, she used to send those bombass cookies and that German chocolate cake was the business.” She smiles “See that’s that beautiful smile that I missed.”

“Well, I see that you’ve done very well for yourself I’m surprised that there isn’t a Mrs. at home.” The next moment his phone rings. The song ‘Sweet Lady’ by Tyrese comes on, he checks his phone and looks at his watch.

“Oh, it’s extra late I got to go.”

“What, the street lights have come on so now you have to go in the house?” She says jesting.

“Shit, I’m a grown ass man I go in when I damn well feel like it.” His phone rings again.

“It just so happens that I feel like it” She laughs at him. “What you laughing at?”

“Whoever she is, she got you trained, with the first call she got you running out of here, whatever she got I need a dose of.”

“You had more” he said under his breath.

“Then won’t you stay? I know you don’t wanna go.” As she motions to unbutton her blazer, spreading it as she puts her hands on her hips. “So you’re telling me that you haven’t missed me in all this time?”

“O yeah I’ve missed you.”

“So you’re telling me that you haven’t missed this?” As she moves her hands across her body, from top to bottom. Lee bites his bottom lip, as he goes to open the door, but he can’t bring himself to open it. “See I told you, you want it just as bad as I do, I could tell from the moment you saw me, and I was thinking the same thing.” She has unbuttoned her blouse now and she has positioned herself between him and the door. “I can tell you want to.”

She puts her hand in between in his legs, he begins to grow. She squeezes it; he grits his teeth and breathes in slow. She begins to kiss his neck, he doesn’t resist, instead his knees become weak and he gives in. She begins to move downward, stroking his chest, as she unbuckles his pants. “Damn baby, I almost forgot it was this big.” As she beings to perform, he can’t control himself, and he takes off his tie and his shirt. His eyes begin to roll in the back of his head based on the feeling of her tongue and lips. She goes to her purse and pulls out a magnum.

They begin to rip the last of each other’s clothes off. She lays him across the desk and begins to massage it as she puts the condom on. She mounts him and begins to ride. The sound of the up and down motion, the pounding of their thighs create an echo throughout the office, her breast bounce in an circular motion, he begins to take control, his muscles begins to bulge his veins begin to appear and he begins to bounce her with more force, and with a quick switch he puts her on her back and grabs hold to the edge of the desk, and with all his torso strength he pushes, strokes, and pounds. The slapping sound of flesh fills the air. The smell of Dior and CK Black fills the room.  the silhouette of their bodies moving becomes a blur to the moon . Her moans intensifies and fuels him.

He picks her up and puts her up against the glass window and the bodies become a view for the Chicago Lake Front. Their breathing creates a sheet of fog against the window, he pounds her harder stroking longer looking for her sounds of encouragement, she screams. The sound of her back against the window, would make you think was going to break, it gave off the sound of thunder and her moans and screams sparked the lighting, their sweat created the rain. She was cradled in his arms like a baby as he began to slow down. They slid down to the floor, her body began to shiver, she clenched up her legs wrapped him like a vice grip, as she climaxes he does too. The tension subsides. the office became silent, he looked at his watch.

“O, shit I gotta go, will you be ok? Look I’ll see you tomorrow.” She lay on the floor catching her breathe nonresponsive. “Look no one can know about this, ok.” She pushes her hair to the side and mumbles the word.

“Ok” he walks out.

After midnight he pulls up to his home, and slow and quietly puts the key in and turns it,as he opens the door completely… the lights turns on.

To Be continued…


Making The Grade PT. V: Orientation pt. I

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On the first full day of orientation Martell and Tehan are eating a quick breakfast before they head out to their first session of the day.  Martell sits with a bowl of Lucky Charms on his right and a fully loaded omelet on his left and Tehan sits across from him eating an omelet and waffles. Midway through the fast paced race to finish their food, Martell breaks the cycle of silence and eating to clear to clear his mind

 “Nigga. you may think I’m tweaking but….” he stops

“What’s good my Nigga” he says now intrigued by interruption.

“Man, I’m not sure” he continues to hesitate in his delivery “I think Brenton got it cracking with Troy last night.”

“Bullshit!” Tehan quickly retorts with his mouth muffled with waffle

“Naw no bullshit bro. Let me tell you nigga, when I got back to the room after walking back. When I got to the door I hear fuckin’ sounds.” He checks his volume and looks around then begins to whisper. “So I was like ‘ahh shit, Troy getting it crackin’”

“So where does Brenton come in all this!?

“Nigga let me finish. So, I sat outside the door for a minute and almost fell asleep but then I thought I heard the RA coming so I had to dip in the room. So I thought ‘fuck it,’ I hurried up and went into the room and jumped on my bed. I didn’t want him to think I was on some cock blockin’ shit and they stopped moving but he didn’t say shit and I ended up passed out soon as I hit the bed anyway. But I think I heard them talking in the bed and it sounded like him.

“So how did you know it was him?” Tehan inquires anxiously waiting,

“When he left out in the morning I saw a black body walking outta the door.”

“Maan, nigga you sure it was him? You sure it wasn’t Nicole, you know she like lil’ White boys” he jests. Because whole-time that don’t sound like something B would do, because he usually real low key with his. So it’s kinda hard for me to see that.

“I told you, you would think that I’m tweakin’.” he replies “I just wanted to throw that out there though.

Tehan looks at his watch, “it’s about that time” we grabbed our stuff and rushed out onto the Quad. It’s hot and humid outside with the sun beaming right above them as they enter the Quad and encounter rest of their fellow classmates who have been separated into various groups.  There are clusters of students surrounding group leaders whom are standing in the middle holding their wrists in the air color coding the students by their wristbands. Both Tehan and Martell look down at their wristbands,

“It looks like I’m over here my dude,” Tehan says,

“Aiight” say as they shake up and go separate ways.

Martell’s heads to the middle of the Quad where there are about 15 people already standing  as he and a caramel skinned girl make their way on a diagonal towards the circle. The group leader is a stocky Asian student named Ken. This is a big ass Asian. Martell thought. Ken begins formal introductions after getting everyone’s name and checking them off his Ipad. Looking around the circle Martell notices the girl whom he met when he first moved in is standing in the group. They acknowledge each other and he walks to her.

                “Hey what’s up, Megan right?”

She smiles, “Yea and your Martell right?” Her voice is is calm yet inviting “I want to apologize again for my dad, he was kinda rude.”

“It was no biggie. I’m kinda used to stuff like that from High School. Side note you look kinda familiar. What school did you go to?”

“I went to New Castle out in Winnetka,”

“Oooh that’s, where I know you from, did you do the exchange program last year or the year before. Where all the black kids go to your school and y’all come to ours?”

She giggles, “yeah that was me. I realized it was you afterwards, I didn’t see you at the Presidents reception, I wanted to catch up with you then. So how have you been?

They continue to talk throughout the session, sliding jokes back and forth pairing up when ever possible for introductions. icebreakers and other activities. To many of the others in the groups the they seem to have been friends  for months rather than minutes.

Meanwhile, about twenty yards away Imani’s group leader stands about 5’5 with red hair, hazel eyes and freckles. Her demeanor is ecstatic and full of energy as she addresses the eager freshmen

“Hey, guys and girls, my name is Rachel and I will be your group leader for the week. We will start off with a quick ice-breaker then go into a breakdown of what you can expect for the week and the rest of the day. I want a chur name, where you are from, what you plan on studying, and one interesting fact about ya self. I’m gonna start. As I said my name is Rachel, I’m a sophomore here from Canton, Ohio. I am an Education and Psychology double major and one interesting thing about meh is that I have gone sky diving ever summer since my freshmen year of high school. Ok and now you” she says at the student on her right a slim medium height kid named Bradley from Boston who has the same scholarship as the rest of the group for Chicago.

It comes to Imani’s turn, “Hi my name is Imani. I’m from Chicago, I want to do a Pre-Med major, and one interesting fact about me is that I consider myself a nerd.” As she finishes Nicole whispers,

“I thought you were gonna say that you consider yourself an Amazon.”

“You hobbit.” she whispers back.

“Nice one, your getting better at this.” replies Nicole

Nicole and Imani continue their conversation as people introduce themselves, there are  three girls with some variation of Kate and Sarah. Then a distinct voice catches their attention, it is a deep, full, native accent, either African or Caribbean.

“My name is Pierre, I hail from Kiingstun, Jamaica, I am also Pre-Med” he says acknowledging Imani with a smile “and one interesting ting, about me is that I am also fluent in french.”

His physical presence is just as exceptional as his verbal. He stands a solid 6’, equipped a solid muscular fame and royal complexion. A complexion richer than Tehan’s where you can tell that Pierre has spent significant amount of time in the sun. Another two people introduce themselves then they break into smaller groups and begin to play other introductory games.

“Ok guys!” Rachel stands in the center and gathers their attention, “Now who can name all the buildings on campus?” No students raise their hands, “Well this will be a great introduction or refresher for everyone.” She starts them on their tour as all of the other groups begin to spread to various parts of the campus, on the center quad and other areas.

While walking the micro-groups begin to form amongst the students based on the people they were standing next to and had the opportunity to talk to during the activities. Imani and Pierre stand like exotic giants amongst their fellow classmates. One the Kates is standing shoulder high next to Imani, she has dirty blond hair that hits the middle of her back, and her wide dark brown eyes are fixed on Imani’s hair which is pulled back into a large butter colored Afro.

She reaches her hand up like a child reaching for a toy at the mall, “Oh-My- Gosh, I just love your hair,” her hand touches the base of her hair and grabs a curl.

Imani does not hesitate in her response “ooh,why thank you, Katlin right?”

“No, it’s Kate. I love your hair, it’s so pretty.”

“Oh well thank you” she comments placing her hair back into place. “so, I heard you say that your from Minnesota, right?”

“Yep, St. Paul Minnesoda,” Kate has an accent that emphasizes a D instead of T.

They continue to talk as they walk in and out of the buildings describing the departments and resources available. Eventually, Nicole and Imani return to each other.

“Girl, I saw that lil’ white girl grab your hair and you didn’t even punch her in the face, you a good one for that. You know I don’t play with my hair. And it’s hot out here.”

Imani is amused, “You know I’m so used to it from back home that I don’t even get bothered by it any more. And you need to stop being so violent. Ain’t your roommate White?”


“Well I’m pretty sure she is going to be asking you about all those pink lotion bottles and gel in your room and you better not kill her either.” They continue to humor themselves while the tour continues.

We Can’t Be This Screwed

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We can’t be this screwed…

We can’t so screwed as a generation to the point where our social media conversations are dominated by talk of how much ain’t shit the opposite gender is.

We can’t be this screwed…

Where we fear the possibility of intimate relationships based on the assumption that one will intentionally do us quote un quote “dirty”

We can’t be this screwed…

That bitches, hoes, niggas and muthafuckas are the current terms of endearment which have been replaced the previous terms of brotha, sista, King and Queen. Even those lesser noble tittles of homeboy and homegurl

We can’t be this screwed…

Where there are more people striving to be rappers and models than a doctor, lawyers, architects or professors. Which will leave us a generation full of parties, crappy music, and over-saturated print and magazine ads, without proper health care, art, or quality education.

We can’t be this screwed…

That my ability to articulate myself and having high scholastic standards has been translated into me acting white. Where if we really wanted to go fully based on stereotypes I would really be acting Asian. But I guess since they have not oppressed us or are not feared by  the black community enough to have that status.

We can’t be this screwed…

That by the time most of us have our ten year high school reunions, many of our children will be graduating from elementary school.

We can’t be this screwed…

Where we have taken the ideology of our oppressors and adopted them as our own. Screwed to the point were when we are asked about a fellow black man or woman we say (insert the word bitches or niggas here) Aint Shit.

We cant be this screwed…

That coming out prison is more respected in the family and the community than coming out of college. And that even when we are sure that our homie, compadre, cuzzo, favorite rapper, etc. has committed the crime,( insert random gun possession, murder, or drug charge here) We still have audacity to wear T-shirts and scream Free my Nigga (You fill in the blank).

We can’t be this screwed….

That Facebook and Twitter has replaced genuine human interaction and that people will tweet you before they text you, text you before they call you, and talking to you for a couple of months  now equivalent to “dating you.”

We can’t be this screwed

That making it rain, buying bottles, bussin’ it open and twerking are now the current appropriate methods of primitive attraction replacing basic pheromones and conversation.  And that if I take the time to ask your name and general interest-I’m a lame!?  However, If I scheme to fuck you and your home girl and succeed and never return your call, I am now the guy that you tell your friends about saying “Girl I know he ain’t right, but I just looove him.”

We can’t be this screwed

That we believe that a Black President has replaced our need to work hard, educate ourselves and continue to develop strong familial values, strengthen our homes, and communities.

Com’ on son we just can’t be that screwed…



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